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What matters is passion for solving problems collaboratively

A Growing Community of SELISIANS

SELISE is built around multiple global teams consisting of 350+ members across 4 hubs. Our teams are expanding every month, with talented individuals from multidisciplinary backgrounds and interests. We are always on the search for dynamic, proactive, and passionate members for our growing organization.

Work Ethic

We Work Smarter, Not Longer

We believe in empowering our team members to commit and perform their tasks as they deem reasonable to meet the teams objectives. Working efficiently allows us to spend our free time on non commercial fun activities.


We Value Cooperation and Teamwork

Every individual brings something unique to the table. Cooperation among our diverse set of team members enables us to do wonderful things for our customers and our communities as a whole.


And We Champion A rockin' Attitude

Our energetic and dynamic disposition allows us to continuously produce value at the forefront of an ever changing technology landscape.


Management Philosophy at SELISE

Our principles to create world-class teams

At SELISE, our management team believes in people and their ability to thrive in a free and friendly marketplace. We believe in the philosophy that managers are enablers - not enforcers. Every decision the management team makes, and everything they do, must be justifiable by market mechanisms. Every business function that we harbour must withstand the perennial gale of creative destruction. Just as we think that every employee should be reviewed at 360 degrees, in the same way, we have no regrets for sunk cost. Our Management philosophy nurtures, sustains, and encourages each and every single member of our teams reach their true potential.

Hear What Our Team Members Have to Say

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One of the things I love about my job is to see people grow while they do what they love. I get to see people set targets, push themselves and become stronger everyday here and that's beautiful.

Julian Weber


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Working with such talented team members at SELISE has really opened my eyes to a new definition of teamwork.


Software Engineer | SELISE ARC

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The best thing about SELISE is the friends I have made out of my colleagues during my stay here.

Shamsil Kamal

Business Analyst | Sales & Marketing

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I believe that I have learned thrice as much being in SELISE. A place you will easily learn to cherish for.

Manish Sharma

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The substantial working environment drives me to work harder and provides me with an open space to envision products to build. Selise has introduced me to the tech world and it gives me immense happiness to be a part of this amazing and dynamic industry.

Deepshika Chettri

Business Analyst | Bhutan

Why Should You Not Join SELISE?

You would rather work by yourself instead of collaborating across teams. Fortunately for us, our teamwork does the talking.
You do not like surprise pizza or burgers. The first lesson in SELISE: Project milestones can never be reached on an empty stomach.
You are an old-soul and have no interest in how multi-million dollar businesses partake in digital transformation.
You only look at good design on the internet. We teach teach you how to create beautiful design.
You do not like challenging your teammates to a friendly but highly competitive game of ping pong.
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Our Most Promoted Colleagues

Are approachable, flexible and always learning

Have a customer-first attitude

Underpromise, overdeliver

Understand that average is not enough

Honor commitments, respect colleagues

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Dynamic Work Teams

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Dhaka Office

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Coding Challenges

Our customer-first approach is geared to fuel fresh narratives about technology. We craft digital value to help customers worldwide rise above their competition.

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